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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Festooned Blinds in reality of life: How different is this inkling than been imprisoned?

One day (yes, yes all stories start with ‘once upon a time’ … J) when sipping early morning energy booster ‘Indian Chai’, looking at a pine tree with blinds on the windows playing pee-a-boo in intervals, I got this thought – Blinds !!!

As most of us have eyes (I believe) whose primary purpose is to help us ‘see’. But do we really see what we are ought to see? Or are eyes just a medium telling us to ‘see’. I haven’t yet quite figured this out. When my eyes kept gazing at the pine tree with birds chirping, welcoming a new day, my thoughts were still in the zone of nostalgia of something already gone. Then I thought, even though eyes try to show us what present moment is but we are mostly controlled by what we think and not what we see.

Thoughts are like mysterious lover. Like a mermaid, so beautifully disguised, like a flush of blood when you see a beloved, like pounding of heart when you hear your name whispered by sweet lips of a lover, like anonymity behind a beautiful smile of a stranger – very enchanting so festooned with blinds called ‘Thoughts’. They dictate ‘eyes’ like waves in the sea, every time different one takes birth, a new vigor, a new intensity but yet never known why they emerge so in brains with such high frequency that humans are still studying 2 hemispheres that control our so called ‘drama of self-preservation - EXISTENCE’.

We blind ourselves in one lifetime in so many ways – During childhood – by ‘innocence’, followed by –  learning of revolutionary actions of changing the world – by being a ‘rebel’, then by unlearning the actions of rebel cult – by acceptance to change ‘thyself’ then slowly merging into depth of collective connectedness to remain accepted, loved and cared at the end.

Thoughts when in present moment act like Adrenaline reservoir to keep things in ‘Action, Action’ just like the way a SS commands to a so called person who is only a ‘number’ now in a concentration camp. Soon bandwagon of life moves on to get the blinds of present dropped off in station called ‘past’ and starts searching blinds for future.

How impressed we become and so thrilled we’ll be to enjoy/suffer what our minds ask us to enjoy/suffer when at the root of all we know, we are only seeing based on the blinds we have on. Each one of us have different garlanded blinds of seeing the same world we live in due to geographical difference, religious conditioning, personal preference etc., (Yes, please add all the traits that one can brand as ‘that’s so not my type’. And my type is – blah blah …. Basically everyone can compartmentalized in one form or the other but its human nature to fight for ‘uniqueness’ – sign of one more blinds)

How different is this living of humans in so called liberated atmosphere than been imprisoned behind bars like a prisoner? We already bars to imprison ourselves – thoughts of our own, which always have some jail warden (rules of society) to monitor us for not fleeing away. Away to a realm of freedom – realm called ‘Oneness with self’ without bars of thoughts caging us.

We are all skeletons disguised with skin and rags with face as masks in varied blinds of thoughts. Garlanded blinds of living, direct us to falling into bucket of ‘I’, to bucket of ‘We’ to bucket of ‘Nothing’ at the end. Individuality to collective connectedness to ‘Nothing’.

‘Nothing’ is the zone we all belong one day. Of pure bliss, of pure no thoughts, of pure pause that one enjoys between 2 thoughts. When all the framed blinds of thoughts are taken away by non-existence of a Skelton and skin, when no eyes exist to be ruled by ‘blinds of thoughts’ that’s when we will see, we will see ‘light’ – light of nothingness. Light of liberation from garlanded cage of thoughts that separates us from so called ‘Life’ – to zone of ‘vision’ at the end. To see vividly why we had ‘eyes’ to start with imprisonment in cage of ‘life’ again.  

- Shilpa 

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